"Macedonia", 2008, silkscreen print, 45x60cm

2/6 (Sat.) - 3/6 (Sat.), 2010
Opening Party: 2/6 Sat.12pm-5pm

*Open on Fridays and Saturdays Only.

Pictures from the Opening Party
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Waitingroom is pleased to announce a collaborative project with habitable in hayama, Japan. Yunmee Kyong's solo exhibition, Where There are Trees, which we exhibited at waitingroom in September 2009 goes to habitable in Hayama in February 2010.
<What is "habitable"?>
From habitable's website...

If a place is habitable, it is suitable for people to live in. HABITABLE, pronouncing habi-table is a project which aims to show that your living place is not stand-alone in the society but closely related to people and environment around you.

We hope habi-table offers you sceneries to consider and generate habitable things in your life and enjoy them with your family, friends and people around you.

HABI-TABLE is organized by a family who lives in Hayama and their partners in Tokyo.

1-914 Issiki, Hayama-machi, Miura-gun,
Kanagawa Prefecture

TEL/FAX: 046-807-5202

Open only event period of Fridays & Saturdays 13:00~17:00

Access: 15 min. by car from JR Zushi Station East Exit.
5 min. walk from Issiki Elementary School buss stop.

* Please use the public coin parking
*Please contact us by telephone or e-mail


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