Title: Observation of the Senses <The Case: I/O- Chamber of a Musical Composer>
Artist: Yuko MOHRI
Duration: Thursday, October 15th - Sunday, October 25th, 2015
Open Hours: 2pm - 8pm (Saturday, 12pm - 8pm/ Sunday, 12pm - 6pm/ Last entry: Half an hour before closing)
Opening Reception: Saturday, October 17th, 6pm-
Talk: Saturday, October 24th, 6pm- / Sunday, October 25th, 4pm-
Closed on Tuesday, October 20th
Venue: Asahi Art Square
Admission Free (Talks on October 24th and 25th, please order one drink)
Contact: +81-3-3476-1010/ (waitingroom) / +81-90-9118-5171 (Asahi Art Square)
Organizer: Documentary in Progress Executive Committee
Cooperation by ASAHI BREWERIES, LTD.
Venue Cooperation by Asahi Art Square
Grant from ARTS COUNCIL TOKYO, Contemporary Art Foundation

Documentation page :

<Exhibition Details>
In Yuko MOHRIís installation work, the evolvement according the exhibiting environment over time is an obvious feature, which MOHRI explains as an ecosystem. In fact, each mechanical kinetic artwork (objet díart) cultivates its own ecosystem based on various exhibiting circumstances and results in completely diverse appearance.

This project at Asahi Art Square is an experiment that Yuko MOHRI measured and numeralized the exhibiting space. Based on MOHRIís work I/O- Chamber of a Musical Composer first shown at Yokohama Triennial 2014, the exhibition will display not only the work, but also the instruction process which is essential for re-display, including the set-up, the evaluation of the space and etc.. In addition, the artist will observe the change progress of the installation work with certain variable conditions such as wall structure and lighting during the exhibition period.

Why should some work (object) be placed exactly here instead of there? In this project, Yuko MOHRI will reveal the detailed process of measuring and recording in order to have a better control of the exhibiting space, as well as how the work cultivates in an environment.

OPEN HOURS : 2:00pm-8:00pm (12:00pm-8:00pm on Sunday/ 12:00pm-6:00pm on Sunday)

- Opening Reception : October 17th, Saturday, 6:00pm-

- Talk Event 1 : October 24th, Saturday, 6:00pm-
Masaya CHIBA (Artist) x Tomoko YABUMAE (Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Curator) x Yuko MOHRI
Moderator : Tomoko ASHIKAWA (waitingroom)

- Talk Event 2 : October 25th, Sunday, 4:00pm-
Teppei KANEUJI (Artist) x Eriko KIMURA (Yokohama Museum, Chief curator) x Yuko MOHRI
Moderator : Tomoko ASHIKAWA (waitingroom)

The project aims to trigger more attention and consideration, and thus we will have discussion with other artists such as Teppei Kaneuji and Masaya Chiba, and museum curators to focus on the current challenges for collecting, preservation and re-exhibit installation works alike.

Project "Observation of the Senses, The Case" is drawing an end with a talk on October 24 and 25 respectively. The project aims to bring more attention on the current challenges for documentation, collecting, preservation and re-exhibiting kinetic installation works alike. All the process including set-up, measuring and documentation has been opened to the public since the beginning, and we hope to discuss about the issue with whoever is interested on the talks.

[ Talk 1 ] : Installation and Collection
October 24th, Saturday, 6:00pm-8:00pm
Speakers :
Masaya CHIBA (Artist)
Tomoko YABUMAE (Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Curator)
Yuko MOHRI (Artist)

How can an installation work consisting of complex mechanical elements become a collection?  Tomoko YABUMAE, curator of Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo who was  in charge of Yuko MOHRI's exhibition Circus in 2012, will share about the charm and challenge collecting installation works for the museum based on a recent collection of Yoshihide Otomo's Without Records. Masaya Chiba, long-time friends with Yuko MOHRI since school years, focuses more on paintings but also makes installation work through paintings as a new approach. Three of them will talk about what they think the essential elements for an ideal installation work are.

[ Talk 2 ] : Installation and Instruction
October 25th, Sunday, 4:00pm-6:00pm
Speakers :
Teppei KANEUJI (Artist)
Eriko KIMURA (Yokohama Museum of Art, Chief curator)
Yuko MOHRI (Artist)

How should an installation work consisting of complex mechanical elements be documented?  Eriko KIMURA, chief curator of Yokohama Museum of Art and curator of Yokohama Triennale 2014, which first presented the work "I/O- Chamber of a Musical Composer," will share about what the necessary instruction to document the installation work with mechanical elements should be like. Meantime, Teppei KANEUJI, whose art covers a wide range including symbolic sculpture series, 2D collage works, and stage art in collaboration with play writer, will talk about how his diversified art activity will be documented.

<Artist Profile>
Yuko MOHRI - Born 1980 in Kanagawa, Japan. Living in Tokyo. Her installation works are usually the combination of daily projects and machines which will evolve according to the surrounding environment and sometimes invisible power such as magnetics, gravity, light and so on. Her recent exhibitions include Yokohama Triennale 2014 (Yokohama Museum of Art, 2014), Sapporo International Art Festival 2014 (Seikatei, 2014), Unseen Existence (Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong, 2014) etc. Granted for a six-month stay in New York by Asian Cultural Council from 2014 to 2015.

<About the Venue>
Asahi Art Square
Super Dry Hall 4F, Azumabashi 1-23-1, Sumida-ku, Tokyo, 130-0001

Access=5 min. walk from 4 & 5 exit of Asakusa Station on Tokyo Metro Ginza Line. 10 min. from A5 exit of Asakusa Station on Toei-Asakusa Line. 6min. from A3 exit of Honjo Azumabashi Station on Toei-Asakusa Line. 6 min. from Asakusa Station on Tobu Line.


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